Global Sustainable Fashion Week (GSFW) is organized in Budapest, Hungary. It is the brainchild of Dr. Gabriella Mányi-Walek , the founder and chairwoman of the National Fashion League Hungary Association.


1. DESIGN: We encourage the best professional resume writers growth of quality designed products that can reduce impact on ecosystems by lasting much longer, even for a lifetime.

2. RAW MATERIALS: We encourage people to use natural materials and fabrics with a high environmental and social value.

3. PROCESSING RAW MATERIALS & PRODUCTION: We encourage ourselves and all others to more more to not only use but to demand better processing procedures that reduce environmental harm.

4. RECYCLING: We encourage designers and industries to work progressively to incorporate quality, recycled materials into their work and products.

There is a growing consensus among these like-minded people who wish to promote the concept of harmony between fashion, sustainability, ethics and ecology. The GSFW seeks to bring together fashion designers and actors from associated fields of activities and professions together and in a single program that allows them to find strength in numbers.  Together, these actors have come together to present their collective strength to the world.

In today’s society, it is indeed possible for luxury goods to co-exist with sustainability. In fact there is a growing demand for products and goods that respect the principles of modern production techniques that protect the environment. The GSFW is the place where designers will be able to show to the world that they are listening to their call for such quality products and attire, while promoting awareness around the technologies and actors who are making essay about education goals the world a safer place one garment at a time.

We all share the principles of environmental consciousness and sustainability, including Eco-Lifestyle. We prefer organic. We share the opinion of Vivienne Westwood as she stated, “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.”


The GSFW is a unique event combining international conference, workshops, displays, fashion shows in the field of sustainable and ethical fashion, together with an international press conference, an outstanding professional board of organizers, prominent presenters, and special media appearance.