We are pleased to announce that we are hosting the 8th#GSFW between 3rd-8th June, the most powerful sustainable fashion week in Central Europe. Please, check our ppt about the event: https://issuu.com/gsfw/docs/8thgsfwenedited.pptx


Your presentation could be a highlight of the 8th#GSFW!

You should focus on innovative, sustainable, and circular design, materials and fabrics, and production as the main theme of the 8th #GSFW:

#innovation #creativeness #sustainablefashion #circularfashion.

In addition to the above criteria the products/collections to be presented must match the following ones too:

  1. DESIGN should contribute to reducing the negative impact on ecosystems and prolonging the life cycle of clothing/products (recycling, zero waste cutting etc.)
  2. CHOICE OF MATERIALS / FABRICS / DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGIES: We prefer materials of natural, artificial and synthetic origin as long as they are certified by internationally recognised institutes and are committed to a virtuous path towards sustainability. We favour products manufactured according to the criteria of eco-design, the circular economy and the recycling of materials at the end of their life.
  3. PRODUCTION should be made:
  • Eco-friendly,
  • Fair, Ethical
  • Handcrafted manufacturing, preserving the national heritage has a special added value to the products but during the 8th#GSFW we would like to give preference to applicants who can demonstrate and present their innovative solutions (how to reduce waste, water, air pollution, CO2 emission or any negative environmental impact).

We can offer you the following packages and forms for your participation

  1. A digital presentation to be published on the #GSFW YouTube channel during the 8th#GSFW, between 3-8 June 2024. The video should be sent by WeTransfer along with the designer/brand’s profile, logo, profile picture, and lookbook about the collection/project to be showcased. Maximum video time: 5 minutes. Please use music under Creative Commons to avoid any copyright problems. Price indication depending on video post-production work: €200-300.
  2. Physical participation on the venue in presenting some featured pieces of the collection or project that match the main topic of the 8th#GSFW. Price indication depending on the form of presentation (fashion show or display): €300-500.
  3. Physical participation on the venue to showcase the designers’ complete collection during the International Eco Fashion Show at the inspirative venue of FUGA: https://fuga.org.hu/. Price indication: €800.

A collective presentation of communities/organisations/countries is possible but it is subject to discussion.

For the Fashion Show, we will provide a full service with min. 12 models, hairdressers and make-up artists, backstage management, technical support, a stylist, and a choreographer.

Application for the above ways of presentation does not imply automatic acceptance, you will be notified of the outcome based on the decision made within the #GSFW Board.

There are multiple benefits of your presentation during the 8th#GSFW:

– Comprehensive marketing and promotion

– Appearance on featured social media platforms

– Get full coverage (video and photos)

– Brand and designer recognition

– Networking opportunities during the event

– Pop-up store possibilities (it is subject to a separate agreement)

– For package No. 3. we provide 2 nights of free accommodation in an excellent downtown hotel with breakfast + and sightseeing opportunity

– Invitation letter for visa (if required)

– For package no.2-3: Free VIP entry ticket to the conference + 3 free tickets for guests to the fashion show

– Snack/coffee during the events

Please note that it is the designer’s responsibility to ensure that the collection or items to be presented or displayed arrive at the venue of the offline events, we cannot deal with the shipping and handling of these items to Hungary and back.

Deadline of the application: 31st March latest.


Image photos about the artwork/design to be presented (Filesize: max. 2 MB; allowed file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt)

High Resolution Profile Picture of Designer (Filesize: max. 2 MB; allowed file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt)

During the whole event, a photo and / or video recording can be made by the photographer and the videographer of the event organizer. With the registration to the event and by participating in the event, the participant agrees to appear on a photo and / or video recording of the event, and also gives its consent to the unlimited use of the organizer or its legitimate user by taking photos and / or video, and there is no claim for any use of it. The organizer is not responsible for the use of any photo and / or video recording made by the visitors of the event.