Travel Information

Airport transfer

There are 2 options for airport transfer.

  1. Minibus transfer
  2. Official taxi
    Outside the airport building, there is an official booking desk. By providing the address, they will immediately arrange a taxi.
Regarding the hotel, the Mellow Mood Hotels offers the following accommodations with special prices:
  • Alta Moda Fashion Hotel****:         3 double rooms
  • Estilo Fashion Hotel****:                 4 double rooms
  • La Prima Fashion Hotel****:           5 double rooms

The discount is given on the online website prices. You can send the reservation to Mr.Dániel Hasitz at referring to the name of Gabriella Walek or #GSFW.

These rooms are reserved till 20th May 2024.

THE MYSTERY HOTEL BUDAPEST PROVIDED ROOMS FOR THE OVERSEAS VIP GUESTS designers, but if you are interested in this hotel, please, check the availability there too.