The Digital 5th Global Sustainable Fashion Week – 2020


Let’s reinvent fashion!

Our world is changing in front of our eyes. We face the climate change, the negative impacts of global air and water pollution and many social problems. Our current situation is shaping our attitude towards consumption and therefore has a major effect on the fashion industry. How is the fashion industry changing? Will the sustainable shift we’ve been waiting for finally come? What will the future of fashion look like and how will our attitude towards our planet change?
The Digital 5th Global Sustainable Fashion Week is an online conference where these questions will be answered with the help of experts from all over the world.

On 2nd of April, the first day of our two day online conference we will stream the video presentations of our international and Hungarian lecturers and designers, while on the second day, 3rd of April you’ll be able to join our live lectures on sustainability and environmental problems from your home.

The event organized by Dr. Gabriella Manyi-Walek, the founder of National Fashion League Hungary, the association behind the biggest annual sustainability event of the Central-European region is joined by Dr. Professor Ervin Laszlo, well-known Hungarian system philosopher, Rossana Diana, Italian expert on circular economy, Dr. Guoxiang Yuan, professor of Donghua University of Shanghai, Ákos Lukács climate-change advisor and Senior Manager at Deloitte and many more international experts from 20 countries representing EU, USA, South-America, Asia, Australia.

Originally the French Institute in Budapest was to be the venue of the event, since this year’s invited guest is France, whose prime minister Emmanuel Macron is the one behind the Fashion Pact, an agreement joined by many big companies in favor of sustainability and ethical fashion. A well-known french media professional will speak about the pact during the event.

In order to be as sustainable as possible and to ensure the safety of the participants, the organizers decided to have the conference online. Therefore the chance for a safe, global discourse can take place in order to shape the future of fashion and sustainability once the current crisis is over.
The keywords are cooperation and adaptation. This is our time to evaluate and reinvent fashion!


Moderators of the conferences:

Dr Gabriella Mányi-Walek, President of NFLH and #GSFW

Muhammad Fawad Noori, Creative Design Head of #GSFW

Hungarian Spoken Part

Dr Gabriella Mányi Walek & Rózsa Megla
ATV report about the 5th#GSFW

Gabriella Suba, Hungary
The plan of the GSFW toward an environment-friendly event

Dr Ervin László
Earth 21 Talks,
It Is Time For Transition

Presenting Hungarian Eco designers: Nusi Mohácsi – Shamo BagsZsófia Szőnyegi – MacondoGabriella Veszprémi – Developing – Reusing Leather WasteJudit Simon – Ditta Felt

Dr Ildikó Medgyessy – Elegant Design Zrt.

Anna Hannauer Szabó – Innowear

Dóra Balogh – Weall

Péter Lukács
Environmental Damage of Fashion Industry In Hungary

English Spoken Part

Gabriella Suba
Green Plan of GSFW

Dr LeeAnn Teal Rutkovsky
Impact Fashion Hub

Ildikó Csikai
Space Harmony System

Dr Ervin László
Inspire Nation Show – Chaos and Super-Coherence. What Is Going On In The World Today,
It Is Time For Transition

Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir

Ninette Murk
For a better fashion world

Guoxiang Yuan PhD
Sustainable Fashion Design by Using Digital Laser Surface Treatment

Natalia Solomatine – Feodora Moscow

Brenda Andersen & Constanza Darderes
Second hand cool fashion, circular economy, new consumption habits

Anna Yona – Wildling Shoes

Cornelia Kangur
Can Fashion Really Be Sustainable?

Camilla Carrara – Zerobarracento

Charlen O’Brain
Interview about the eco design

Judit Simon – Ditta Felt

Essi Tomobile – AfroDesign

Dóra Balogh – Weall

Ágnes Krivanics – HoF The Fashion Show & Pop-Up

Sass Brown

Madhusudan. K. LAL
Climate change

Réka Szentesi
Fashion Revolution