The 4th Global Sustainable Fashion Week – 2019


The future is up to us!

Seven continents, twenty countries are looking for solutions to ethical and responsible fashion – diverse cavalcade at the Global Sustainability Fashion Week

This year is the 4th consecutive year that Global Sustainable Fashion Week (#GSFW) is held, which has now become an internationally recognized event. The four day event, which encompasses fashion shows, panel discussions, conferences as well as other events, will be be held from April 8-11, 2019. As the main focus, #GSFW will explore the notion of sustainability in fashion across borders, through creative and innovative design, and drawing attention to social responsibility towards a more ethical and ecologically friendly fashion scene.

Budapest, March 26, 2019 – Nowadays there is no need for introductions to the #GSFW event series within the sustainable fashion industry. Dr Gabriella Walek Manyi, President of The National Fashion League Hungary Association, initiated the event series four years ago, having at the time being able to attract participants from 15 countries. Today GSFW has grown to become one of fashion’s most important events. From the words of Dr Gabriella Walek Manyi; “ GSFW can be seen as a unique and necessary initiative, as it promotes international cooperation and solidarity. It can be seen as a truly vibrant and diverse cavalcade of events, with designers and presenters from all over the world. Globalisation is apparent through the international team represented at GSFW, a melting pot of cultures, where differences are put aside for the good of a common goal, which is a more sustainable and ethical future in the fashion industry”.

The main mission of the National Fashion League Hungary (NDL), is to promote and support creative and innovative design, as well as nurture folk traditions, which primarily represent sustainable methods of production. On top of this, NDL is dedicated to calling for social change in the fashion industry, offering assistance to manufacturers, designers and fashion industry workers who work with such ethical concepts. Naturally, this is a massive endeavor, which is why there is a need for partners and sponsors, who share these ideas and values, to come together and create change at a larger scale.

The 4th #GFSW in Budapest, will be held April 9-11 at the Italian Institute, encompassing international conferences, workshops, panel discussions and fashion shows, attended by prestigious fashion industry players and experts, exceptional presenters, all to be covered by the media.

Participants can gain inspiration and insight to the global sustainable fashion world, measure their own steps of social responsibility from industry’s perspective, as well as network with like-minded people. Among the invited are players from 20 countries, representing each continent, using #GSFW as their platform to showcase their eco collections, voice their opinions and share their experiences in the sustainable fashion industry and ethical manufacturing. Topics to be covered are the trend of excessive consumerism and fast fashion and how they impact the environment. Greats of the eco fashion revolution such as Syvia Calvo with her up-cycled coffee sack wear, father of ethical vegan silk production from Coccon – Georg Andreas Suhr, designer Jocelyn Chen – who gains inspiration from the 12 months, Hungarian born Rózsa Megla from Navona and Matilda Jánosi – Tildart – from London, originally from Transylvania will be presenting their collections on the #GSFW runway. This year’s special guest is Emmy award winning designer, Jeff Garner, who has worked with and designed for celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen, Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crow.

The motto for this year’s GSFW is “the future is up to us”, with which we wish to draw to the attention of the audience, the importance of our own consumer behaviour. Other topics to be discussed during the 4th #GSFW held April 8-11, 2019 in Budapest are; sustainability and social responsibility as well as the use of ethically and sustainably sourced materials and manufacturing processes in the fashion industry, including notions of circular fashion, zero waste concept, zero carbon footprint and slow fashion. Unique creations will be showcased during the event series, all of which have been born in the name of action towards climate change and the drive towards a more sustainable lifestyle, paving the way towards fair practice in the fashion industry.


Mariel Jumpa, SE & Paloma G. Lopez, ES
Building a Digital Community as a Tool for Action and Change

Charlotta Brynger, SE
Cultural Intelligence for a Sustainable Future

Parvinder Marwaha
How can we nurture a more collaborative, diverse and sustainable future for our global design community?

Brigitta Péterváry-Szanyi, HU
Blue Heritage, Blue Fashion

BenjaminItter, DE
Gandhi – A global role model for todays world

Dr. LeeAnn Teal Rutkovsky, US 
Culture Is the New Black

Miguel Angel Gardetti PH.D., ARG
Transformation Leadership: the key for sustainable luxury fashion

Dr. Lívia Kokas Palicska, HU
Self-assessment online tool for analyzing workplace and supplier CSR risks

Panel Discussion – Sass Brown, ENG; Mariel Jumpa, SE; Benjamin Itter, DE; Tóth Dávid Ágoston, HU; Edit Csanák DLA, HU; moderator: Olga Johnston Antonova, RUS/DE
What makes a great community:  challenges & opportunities of building a cross border sustainable fashion community

Michele Orzan – EuCham CEO

Carry Somers, Founder and Global Operations Director of Fashion Revolution, UK

Mostafiz Uddin, BGD
Sustainability in Fashion Industry through Transparency & Collaboration – The Example of Bangladesh

Jeff Garner, US
Toxins in Fashion & the Health Implications

Valentyna Dovhanyuk, IT
Treasures from Trash

Edwina Huang, CH
The future of Fashion

Luca Olivini, IT
Integrate Responsible Innovation into Your Brand

Katherine Soucie, CA
Fashion Praxis: Zero Waste + Craft + Valuable Role of Pre-Consumer Textile Waste

Dr. Jocelyn H-C Chen, TW
Sustainable Fashion Design: A Dialogue with Materials

Tere Gutiérrez de la Concha, ES
Growing up despite oil

Monika Choudhary, IN

Panel Discussion – Carry Somers, UKKenny Jackson-Forrest, UKAlice Beyer Schuch, DESylvia Calvo, ESFawad Noori, PK; moderator: Edwina Huang, CH

Fashion Show

Creative Team of #GSFW is headed by István Hornyák designer, stylist, choreographer and visual artist, with Ágnes Szépligeti, designer, Head of the Couture and Art Team of National Fashion League Hungary (NDL)

Jeff Garner (USA)

Plus Que Ma Vie – Andrea Lazzari (Italy)

Fosca MILANO (Italy)
MSMAD Collective Fashion Show: VIP guest designer: Tere Gutiérrez de la Concha, Mattos, Cucubox, Soesto, Upcyclick, Abissi (Spain)

Cocccon – Georg Andreas Suhr (Germany), Mayu – Anita Koritke (Hungarian-Indian)

Dr. Jocelyn H-C Chen (Taiwan)

Navona – Megla Rózsa (Hungary)

Nevice – Naima Nevice Maneno (Germany)

Sylvia Calvo (Spain)

Designers on Display

Visual artist: Ágnes Krivanics, Designer – Eco Fashion Team of NDL

De Mil Amores Buenos Aires by Mrs. Fabiana Fernandez Lanza (Argentina), Latin American Exhibition by Regional Director & Advisor #GSFW Mariel JumpaMaqu by Marisa Fuentes (Peru and Germany), Las polleras de Agus by Griela and Jhasmine Perez (Peru), Bohetnika by Lizeth Soto Rivas and Alex Behrendt (Mexico and Germany), Anna Fehér (Hungary), Francisca Tornero (Chile), Nhila by Natalia Esguerra Villegas (Colombia), Religare by Manuela Peña (Colombia), Biotico by Jessica Pullo (Argentina), Busularo by Carla Busularo (Argentina), Karin Fraidenraij (Argentina), Cristina Oviedo (Argentina), Echaniz by Laura Echaniz (Argentina), Borbála Csiszár (Romania), Botond David (Romania), Anthyia by Ying Lou (China/Germany), MAYU by Anita Koritke (India/Hungary), hatS by Annity (Hungary), Dr. Edit Csanák (Hungary), TildArt by Matilda Jánosi (UK/Hungary), Mancika Designs (Hungary), Violinda by Melinda Viola (Slovakia), Doris Bakos (Hungary), Benahmed Andrea (Hungary), Gabriella Veszprémi (Hungary), Kinga Kovács (Hungary), Adrienne Körtvély (Hungary), Andrea Benahmed, Notjustuselessby Katalin Huszár, Eventuell by Andrea Kesserű (Hungary)


Italian Cultural Institute

Budapest Chamber of Commers and Industry

Tildy Palace – Embassy of Argentina (VIP program – video)