The 6th Global Sustainable Fashion Week – 2021


There were different panels about the main themes of the 6th#GSFW 

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7th June 2021 – Education in sustainable and ethical fashion, best practices in different countries.
Moderator of the live Zoom panelOlga Johnston Antonova

8th June 2021 – 9th June 2021 – Sustainable fibres and textiles
On 8 June the speakers are dealing with the sustainable fibres and raw materials from different aspects, from natural, handmade materials to yarn and fabrics produced with innovative, sustainable and recycled technologies. One of the panel’s key speakers is Mr Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano, He has been heading the Brussels-based leather industry association COTANCE since 1987. COTANCE is the European umbrella organisation of the Leather industry gathering the national leather Trade Associations of 13 countries representing over 90% of Europe’s leather production.

Panel discussion – Challenges in sustainable and circular fashion
2.00-2.05 p.m. – Greetings

Speaker: Dr. Gabriella Mányi Walek, president of the National Fashion League Hungary and GSFW
2.05-2.25. p.m – What is the main difference between sustainability and circularity in fashion?
2.05-2.15. p.m – Alessandra Gallo – “Challenges in fashion – Sustainability with circularity”
2.15-2.25. p.m – Dr. Bahareh Zamani – “Sustainability challenges of implementing rental models in fashion industry- life cycle assessment study”
2.25-2.35 p.m. – Challenges of designers
 Katherine Soucie – “Creative Reuse as a Design Tool in Circular Fashion”
2.35-3.00 p.m. –  How the stakeholders from education to institutions can accelarate the process toward the circular fashion?
2.35-2.40 p.m. – Prof. Dr. Elsayed Elnashar – “Stakeholder os ecucational institutions between fashion design of seamless clothes”
2.40-3.45 p.m. – Dr. Vishal Garg Narwana – “Challanges in sustainable and circular fashion”
2.50-3.00 p.m. – Silvia Kabaivanova – “Influencing consumer behavior”
3.00-3.25 p.m. – Challenges for the producers
3.00-3.10 p.m. – Mr. Giulio Bonazzi (Keynote speaker) – “The power of Circularity”
3.10-3.20 p.m. – Dr. Sabina Olaru – “Clothing design in the context of circular economy”
3.20-3.25 p.m. Mostafiz Uddin or Mrs. Shehrin Salam Oishee
3.25-3.35 p.m. – New approaches in fashion after the pandemic situation
 Marcellous Jones – “FASHION IN A POST PANDEMIC WORLD:  Social Consciousness, BlockChain Technology & NFT’s”
3.35 p.m.-  Closing the panel – questions to the panelist about the future perspective (about 15 minutes)
10th June 2021 – Transnational collaborations

With €643 billion and more than 7.6 million people employed before the Covid-19 pandemic, the creative industry is one of the most vital sectors of the EU economy. Committed to supporting the sector, the EU has long made available a number of tools, including the WORTH Partnership Project, which has just completed its first edition and is about to launch its second, which will run until 2025. Its aun ti revitalise Europe’s creative industry sector and help it face future challenges. In the fourth panel at our 6th#GSFW we are focusing on the theme of the “creative Europe” relating to the transnational collaborations with special focus on the WORTH Partnership project.
Keynote speaker: Korinna Molla, coordinator of the WORTH Partnership Project. The further lecturers are: János Keresnyei and Assaad Awad, who are working in the Steering Board of this project. The President of the National Fashion League Hungary Association, Dr.Gabriella Mányi Walek is member of this Board too focusing on the sustainable and circular solutions. Please meet the presentation of the winner of the third call for further motivation!
As this panel would be the last one at the 6th#GSFW, we would like to introduce the TRANSYLVANIA TEXTILE & FASHION CLUSTER, which has an activity in all the themes of the previous panels too : education, sustainable fabrics, challenges in circular fashion too.
Transylvania Textile & Fashion is a regional cluster in the field of textile and fashion located in the central region of Romania. It was founded in 2013 and currently has 44 members, 32 of which are small and medium enterprises. Besides the SME’s, members include universities, research institutions, consulting companies and city councils.
The cluster is aware that mass production is not sustainable anymore and that the future belongs to smaller, flexible companies that can adapt to market volatility, can produce in small series customer-oriented or even unique products all with an emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly concepts. The cluster represents companies, start-ups and authorized persons whose activity is based on these concepts, offering good examples with an emphasis on the Sustainable Development Goals.

On 11th June 2021 we would like to organise an eco fashion show presenting very beautiful sustainable collections of some Hungarian eco brands and designers. The venue and host of this offline event with streaming is Balatonboglár offering a wonderful natural catwalk at the beach of Balaton at SABA-HÁZ: 

We called the designers from abroad too to join us with their own video presentations made at similar beautiful places to enable the audience to learn the natural treasure of their country too.

The video fashion shows and presentations will be broadcasted on YouTube Premier Live
Honorary guest continent is Asia supported by Asean Fashion Designers Showcase

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