Welcome to the 8th#GSFW side events page

We are thrilled to announce that this year, our global partners are actively organizing a diverse range of programs in conjunction with the 8th Global Sustainable Fashion Week events in Budapest.

Denim Workshop

Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2024 12:00 – 16:00 BST
Location: Design District 13 Soames Walk London SE10 0AX United Kingdom

Come and join our hands-on Denim Workshop – that is part of the Global Sustainable Fashion Week event series -where fashion tradition meets upcycling techniques. Bring your old denim piece and turn it into the hottest, rewamped, most unique one! This is the most sustainable way to refresh your wardrobe. You can learn it with us, then repeat it over and over again whenever you’d like to. This will make you feel like you are wearing your own “brand”. Get ready to learn traditional handsewing techniques such as embroidery, or denim painting. Make a trendy belt from recycled bicycle inner tube fabric with macrame technique. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this event is going to give you something new. Come and bring out the artist in you! See you there!

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Slow Stitch Workshop: Revive and Reimagine Clothes

Charlene O’Brien workshop video

Date: Wed, 5 June, 5pm-7pm Timezone: Perth, AU
Location: Online – Live streaming

Join textile artist Charlene Vivienne for an immersive and transformative experience in the art of slow stitching during the 8th Global Sustainable Fashion Week 2024, Hungary, Budapest.
This workshop invites you to breathe new life into your wardrobe favourites through the time-honoured techniques of mending and layering.
You’ll first learn the basic techniques of Japanese running stitch, traditional stitch and patching methods that have stood the test of time. Learn how to mend with purpose and style, turning imperfections into unique embellishments.
With these techniques, you will then repurpose preloved garments into bespoke pieces that become new masterpieces you can wear every day!

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SUSFUTURE 2024 "From Tradition to Future – A Journey of Sustainable Fashion" International Design Invitation Exhibition

Date: 3 – 23 June 2024
Venue 1: The Jardin × IEGO ART, Taipei
Venue 2: Art Gallery(5F), Design College, Hsing Wu University, New Taipei

As the founder of SUSFUTURE and the Global Development Advisor for #GSFW, we collaborate with the World Textile University Alliance to create an international design exhibition titled SUSFUTURE 2024 “From Tradition to Future – A Journey of Sustainable Fashion.” This exhibition aims to advance global design and innovation while highlighting diverse creative talents. Furthermore, it seeks to expand #GSFW’s presence in the Asian region, promoting sustainability and fostering a forward-thinking approach in the fashion industry.

Webinar about Maiani Accademia Moda sustainable fashion training

Date: Mon, 3 June 2024, 4 pm Timezone (UTC +2)
Location: online – live streaming

Introducing the Maiani Accademia Moda, a fashion school that has been training professionals for over 30 years. Sustainability is one of our founding values. We have been bringing it to the catwalk since 2012. We invite you to get to know our research and our young talents, who have responsible fashion in the foundations of their learning.
They will guide you through the process by which they went from idea to finished product, each exploring a different path of sustainability.



Design Forward: Sustainability and Beneficence

Date: June 1, 2024, 14:30 -16:00 Timezone (China)
Location: Eslite Spectrum Songyan store

The exhibition and workshop presented by Fu Jen Catholic University (Department of Textiles and Clothing) at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and the Eslite Spectrum Songyan store are arranged in honor of the 8th Global Sustainable Fashion Week taking place in Budapest, Hungary, June 3-8, 2024.

Focusing on community engagement and intergenerational education and learning, the exhibition at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on June 1-2, 2024 will showcase nine outfits of re-designed garments together with a piece of textile art work. Meanwhile, a workshop designed to demonstrate how abandoned materials can be repurposed and turned into a joyful and sustainable artwork will be held at the Eslite Spectrum Songyan store at 14h30-16h on June 1, 2024.

Organiser:Fu Jen Catholic University
Co-organiser:National Fashion League Hungary Association
Official Partners:Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and the Eslite Spectrum Songyan
Sponsored by:Humanity-Social Sciences and Industrial Innovation Linkage Program