A year has gone – Notes of the #GSFW President

At the end of the year, everyone takes account of the activities that contribute to the set goals. It’s no different in the #GSFW, and although we didn’t have a separate complex fashion week this year, we felt it was very important to join the Fashion Revolution‘s featured campaign week, the FRW2023. During this FRW we collaborated with three FR teams (Guatemala, Greece and India) who also chose point #4 of the FR Manifesto, focusing on crafts and heritage. https://www.fashionrevolution.org/manifesto/ . The title of this seminar was: “Craftsmanship and heritage in the heart of fashion”. https://www.fashionrevolution.org/?ecwd_event=craftsmanship-and-heritage-in-the-heart-of-fashion

We invited the #GSFW family’s professionals to share their experiences and best practices in this area. Our aim was to provide information on activities that can be inherited from generation to generation and which can represent national value, like handmade and artisan’s clothing, accessories, embroideries, lace etc. We should motivate the citizens and the young generation to value this creative work and to show them that the products designed with this approach can be integrated into the contemporary fashion.

In 2023 the National Fashion League Hungary Association, the founder of #GSFW has joined a lot of international conferences, seminars and Fashion Weeks, highlighted by the recent event “Creativity meet Clusters” with roundtable and B2B meetings in Bari, Italy, organised by Distretto Produttivo ‘Puglia Creativa. We participated as a member of the Hungarian Cultural Creative Industry Cluster and there we discussed a great number of opportunities in order the widen the #GSFW’s partnerships from South Africa to Finland.

I am very pleased to announce that the number of #GSFWfamily members is growing constantly and the leadership of #GSFW is establishing a new layer of team productivity and efficiency toward achieving goals. For this purpose, we have invited more excellent professionals from all over the world to join the Advisory and Executive Board and a network of Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors is being built, which will further strengthen the global feature of our #GSFW.

We have already started organising the 8th#GSFW between 3rd-8th June 2024, which will give a special focus on innovation in sustainable and circular fashion. Due to the excellent collaboration with WORTH Partnership Project we would like to present some very creative project winners during our next #GSFW.

We’ll be back with details soon, but mark your calendar from 3rd June 2024, when we start the inspiring programs of the 8th#GSFW!

Thanking for your trust and support in our initiatives, we wish all of you Merry Christmas and very successful and Happy New Year working together for a more sustainable fashion/world.

See you in Budapest in 2024!