Media Spotlight – How Stella McCartney is participating COP28

by Maria Cristina Pavarini — December 04, 2023

The designer Stella McCartney is participating in the running edition of the COP28 UN Climate Conference, taking place in Dubai from November 30  to December 12, 2023.

For the occasion, she launched a sustainable innovation exhibit and platform titled “Sustainable Market: Innovating Tomorrow’s Solutions”, showcasing over 15 next-gen pioneers alongside regenerative agriculture insiders, bio- and plant-based alternatives to plastic, animal leather and fur, and traditional fibers.
For over two decades, the British designer has been a trailblazer in sustainability and environmentally conscious fashion, as she was the world’s first luxury house to never use animal leather, feathers, fur or skins and adopt extensive sustainability principles.

Stella McCartney 's Sustainable Market

Photo: Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney ‘s Sustainable MarketSince then, she has worked in order to sensitize fashion consumers and insiders’ consciences by investing in cruelty-free alternatives, material and process innovations, strategic partnerships across industries, regenerative and nature-restoring practices, circular ambitions, and transparency around impacts and communities, among other aspects. 

McCartney explained that the fashion industry is estimated to be responsible for up to 8% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, fashion brands should become aware and activate themselves in collaboration with private and public leaders, to increase the speed of decarbonisation.

During COP28, she will unveil the key achievements from her brand’s 2023 Impact Report. She will also speak about how her brand’s products will renew their commitments to innovation and fossil fuel reduction across materials and processes throughout production, sale and end of life.

She signed a series of strategic partnerships in order to reduce the brand’s impact on the environment, while soon disclosing her upcoming 2024 Circular Design Guide to openly share sustainable circular design and materials knowledge, principles and guidelines across industries. She will also launch a new campaign with PETA to emphasise alternative and innovative materials for leathers, furs, feathers and fills.

In addition to advocating and collaborating to transform the fashion industry, Stella McCartney will continue to lead with her sustainability ambitions – including a 2040 net-zero target. This includes cutting emissions across its supply chain by 46.2% by 2030 and developing projects that support supply chain partners, innovators and global communities in their climate-resilient journeys.

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