Meet one of our designers Diana Magesa at the 8th#GSFW

We can’t wait to see you all at our #8thGSFW with so many amazing designers. Now let us introduce one of our designers who is going to present her collection at the #8thGSFW fashion show: Diana Magesa.

Lagalaga collection is a collection from upcycle from commercial, beach, sea shores, we collect waste from that place, plastic bottles, slip, slope abounding wire and remains of Africa print and come to add value and to make a new product, why this course we need to protect environment, sea, and to save creatures, from this project we create new employment, we add value, we get new market, and protect the planet, the product from this waste is the costume for fashion, shopping bag accessories and shoes. In this project, we work together as youth and women.

You can get to know more about her work at the following link:

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