Meet one of our designers Paolo Dal Bó at the 8th#GSFW

The 8th Global Sustainable Fashion Week is around the corner and we could not be any more excited. We would like to introduce you to one of our amazing designers who is going to present his collection at the #8thGSFW: Paolo Dal Bó

Paolo Dal Bó is the founder and head of Sunflexion. With a Ph.D. in manufacturing technologies and engineering, he has extensive experience in R&D and patent management, particularly with medical devices. At Sunflexion, Paolo leads initiatives sustainably, focusing on advanced composite fabrics and promoting eco-friendly practices in the industry. Known for his innovative solutions, multidisciplinary collaborations, and multilingual communication skills, Paolo is dedicated to advancing both technology and sustainability in fashion.

You can get to know more about his work at the following link:

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