Statement of the President

New event for the sustainable and ethical fashion – Global Sustainable Fashion Week

As the fashion industry has a very strong impact on the climate change as it is a full spectrum industry from the agricultural planting of the raw material to the merchandizing of the ready-made garment involving different processes of production, finishing and transportation. It results in high environmental pollution (second one after the oil industry), massive production of waste (fast fashion), tremendous water usage and fossil energy consumption. The designers, producers, traders, organizations, professionals working in the fashion industry including R&D&E should work together for a better sustainable fashion/world globally. To promote this aim, the EU-based National Fashion League Hungary Association established a Global Sustainable Fashion Week, an unique event combining international conference, workshops, displays, fashion shows.
After the international success of the first GSFW in 2016, the 2nd GSFW was organized in Budapest between 7-10th June 2017, patroned by István Tarlós, mayor of Budapest.

The founder of the GSFW, the National Fashion Leage Hungary Association trusts that this outstanding event is interesting not only for fashion professionals but also to the general public who is sensitive and responsive to the topic of sustainable fashion. We are proud of the fact that this global and intercultural cooperation – between nations and cultures – allows us to not only be participants but also a catalyst for sustainable fashion.

The motto of the GSFW 2017 :„The future of fashion is the future of the next generation” It is up to us!

Please, join the growing GSFW family!

More information about the lecturers and designers of the GSFW 2017 you can find here: