#GSFW is joining FRW2023

 Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution

The theme for this years’ Fashion Revolution Week is Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution. Back in 2018, we created a 10-point manifesto that solidifies our vision to a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. Since then, over 14,000 people around the world have signed their name in support of turning these demands into a reality.

As we approach a decade of campaigning for systemic change in the fashion industry, we are bringing together our global community to be curious, find out and do something around each manifesto point. From supply chain transparency to living wages, textile waste to cultural appropriation, freedom of association to biodiversity, we are sharing the solutions to fashion’s most pressing social and environmental problems. And we need you to join us.

Over the past ten years, the noise around sustainable fashion has only got louder. But meanwhile, real progress is too slow in the context of the climate crisis and rising social injustice. That’s why we’re making Fashion Revolution Week 2023 an action-packed and future-focused campaign that amplifies solutions from historically overlooked places. In our process, we are led by the plurality and diversity of our global Network, passing the mic to Fashion Revolutionaries from around the world.

We believe that while fashion has a colossal negative impact, it also has the power and the potential to be a force for change. Join us to expand the horizons of what fashion could – and should – be.

The Fashion Revolution Hungary http://www.fashionrevolution.org/europe/hungary team has selected the #4.point of Manifesto and the #GSFW is going to join with an online international seminar dealing with this important issue. Why?


  • The master tailors and the artisans dealing with folk art, special
    old folk technologies, and handicrafts are aging out
  • the valuation of those working in this segment is not sufficient,
    the new generation, including the majority of young designers
    is not very interested in such heritage-saving work
  • in the media and in the promotion of even the sustainable fashion,these issues do not receive enough attention
  • the proper education and adequate support of the decision makers are missing.

JOIN THE SEMINAR “Craftsmanship and heritage in the heart of fashion”on 24th April at 10 a.m CET!

REGISTRATION FOR PRESENTERS AND ATTENDEES: https://online.forms.app/nflhfashionhungary/registration-form-seminar-24april

If you are not a presenter, please, write “no” in the relevant fields!

The online seminar will be held on ZOOM, the registrants will receive the necessary link.    


We invite professionals and educators to share their experiences and best practices in this area. Our aim is

  • to provide information on activities that can be inherited from generation to generation and are of national value, handmade and artisan’s clothing, accessories, embroideries, lace, special fabrics, etc
  • create better dialogue and collaboration in this segment of the industry
  • to motivate the citizens and the young generation to value this creative work and the resulting products
  • to raise awareness from consumers to decision-makers
  • It is very important that professionals from different countries not only share their experiences at this seminar, but also provide advice and recommendations and think about common solutions and cooperation. Seminar format: 10-15 minute presentation and common discussion.

REPLAY: https://youtu.be/ZH-oNdqz4D8