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Get ready to go back to school with   Fashion Revolution Czech Republic and Slovakia Fashion Revolution Croatia Fashion Revolution Hungary &  Fashion Revolution Germany

It’s the start of the school year and what better time to brush up on your sustainable fashion knowledge? Project RecyCOOL Lessons, created by our incredible teams Fashion Revolution Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany and the Czech Republic, in partnership with, is an introduction for young people to the world of fashion.

The education program shows young people how fashion’s global supply chains work and the harm they can cause to people and the environment, and introduces them to positive responses like re-making their clothes and taking part in collective action.

RecyCOOL Lessons:

 ‍ For students aged 15+

 Understand the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, society and economy

 ️ Evaluate your own consumer habits

 Develop the skills to mend and care for your clothes

 Take a critical approach to commercial campaigns

 Learn how to recognise greenwashing

If you’re a student, teacher or educator, you can also get involved with RecyCOOL Imperfections ⬇️

 ‍ Open source training to devise own sustainable fashion curriculum

 Learn about the fashion industry’s impacts on human rights and the environment

 Learn how to design and make your own up-cycled clothing from second-hand materials

 Present these up-cycled clothes at an event that you organise yourself with your peers

All of the educational resources are available for free!

RecyCOOL Lessons:

RecyCOOL Imperfections:

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